• “I wanted to know what people were raving about and decided to try the Weight Loss Pills for myself. I was not feeling to confident about the product but once I submitted myself to trying the products I was pleasantly suprised. I have and can say truthfully I have lost a total of 7 Kg’s and a total of 35cm’s and cant wait to lose more.” Joan, Durban North

  • “I have been on the program for 3 weeks now.I have been drinking lots of water and just cutting my unhealthy fatty food intake down. Ive personally noticed a huge difference. So far I have lost 3.5Kg’s and a total of 14cm’s.” Sarah, Pietermaritzburg

  • “I am a plus size mom needing to lose weight. I am almost finished my first 5 week program and plan to purchase another. After the first week I was hooked! I feel amazing with this program. I have lost about 8Kg’s and a total of about 20cm. My skin feels great and is not “saggy” after the weight loss.” Claire, Vereeniging

  • “I tried the program and I have to say, it works! I bought mine from the website and only paid R1050 including postage. So far I have been on the program for 2 weeks and I’ve lost a little over 5cm’s and 4Kg’s already. I’m really impressed, and my co-workers have even complimented me on how great I am looking! I absolutely recommend this program.” John, Gauteng

  • “I was looking for a quick fix and although I lost Kg’s and Cm’s during the 4 week program. When it was done I went back to normal eating etc and put all the weight back on. I do not recommend this program for anyone looking for quick and easy fix.” Susan, Bloemfontein

  • “I’m using this program for the first time and so far it’s working. I’m drinking my water and and eating healthily. I am also walking a few times a week and I must say it’s working well and I feel great. I don’t know how many cm’s I’ve lost but my love handles have definetly decreased, and I can fit into pants I had a hard time buttoning up.” Harold, Cape Town

  • “I’ve used this program once before with good results. As we all do, I slipped back into my bad eating habits and never had enough time to exercise. It’s been about a year and not time to tackle my weight again. I swear by this program and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to lose weight and feel great. Not only did I lose weight but my skin is tighter and my cellulite has improved drastically.” Gail, Port Edward